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Northampton Film Festival

Sept. 28 – Oct. 2

For four days, at locations across Northampton, the modern film festival will be redefined with free public screenings of films, virtual reality experiences, games, and participatory film projects.

Tickets are $10 for a day pass and $25 for the whole festival. Event locations include Pulaski Park, Union Station, A.P.E. Gallery, Thornes Market, First Churches, and the Parlor Room. For more information about events and locations, go to wwww.northamptonfilmfestival.com.


What better way to start a film festival, or a chill weekend, than with an episode of Star Wars? A free screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There will ba youth Star Wars costume contest as well and music by the Super 8 Players.


Check out The Charro of Toluquilla, a documentary film about a mariachi singer called Jaime Garcia Dominguez, who became fascinated by the reckless, ladies’ man life- style of the classic Mexican movie characters, but with one difference: he’s got HIV.


Films screening will include Microbe and Gasoline and Syl Johnson: Anyway the Wind Blows — a documentary about the best soul singer you’ve ever heard; even if you’ve never heard of him.


On this day there will be virtual reality demos at A.P.E. Gallery and The Five College Student Film and Video Festival, featuring original films and videos by Five College students, is going down. Founded in 1994, the Five College festival has become an important venue for film students to meet, collaborate and share their productions with their peers and with the Five College film community. Also screening Pickle, Girl Asleep, and Lo and Behold.


Screenings will include Only Yesterday, Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party, and Hamilton’s America, a look behind the scenes of the Broadway smash, Hamilton.