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The Musicians Who Get Love On Valentine’s Day


Last year, we examined the songs that YouTube viewers are most likely to share on Valentine’s Day. This year, we analyzed musicians who see their biggest viewership increases on Valentine’s Day.

Among all musicians on YouTube, Martina McBride’s music has had the largest increase in views on Valentine’s Day. When compared to an average day on YouTube, her content receives 2.8x more views on Feb 14th.

For example, here are views for McBride’s music over the past two years.

It’s no surprise that fans revisit her music on Valentine’s Day: McBride’s most popular song on YouTube is “Valentine,” with nearly 21M views since the beginning of 2016.

  • Other top 10 artists on Valentine’s Day include Kina Grannis (2.1x higher), Barry White (1.53x higher), Outkast (1.3x higher), and Lionel Richie (1.21x higher).
  • In the U.S., Whitney Houston has the #1 spot for musicians who see the largest increase in views of their music (2.7x). Other artists unique to the U.S. include Chaka Khan (1.7x) and Savage Garden (1.5x).
  • In the U.K., R&B royalty Keith Sweat (1.6x), K-Ci & JoJo (1.5x), and Brian McKnight (1.5x) break into the top 10.

We also looked at musical trends for Valentine’s Day in 2017. While this year will be tough to predict, we’ve noticed a couple surprising insights:
  • David Bowie’s “Valentine’s Day” should continue to rise in popularity. Last year on Valentine’s Day, David Bowie’s untimely passing led his song “Valentine’s Day” to break into the top 10 songs with “valentine” in the title. It surged 400 percent on February 14, 2016, vs. the year prior.
  • When it comes to love songs (songs with “love” in the title), Justin Bieber had the top spot on Valentine’s Day in 2016 with “Love Yourself,” and he’s primed to repeat this feat in 2017. Among all of this year’s songs with “love” in title, DJ Snake’s “Let Me Love You” ft. Justin Bieber is the most popular, amassing nearly 200M views since its release.

Source: YouTube