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That 1 Guy Gets Weird In Denver [Photos]


The Las Vegas-based musician, That 1 Guy, made his way to Denver last night, playing Cervantes’ Other Side and bringing his characteristic eclectic instrumentation with him. That 1 Guy, also known as Mike Silverman when he’s off the stage, is a one-man band, using his own homemade instruments to treat fans to a musical experience unlike any other. His percussive, dark, and gritty sound is tinged with a psychedelic flair, and he’s a treat to watch, bemusing onlookers with the precision with which he plays his unusual instruments, aptly named things like the “The Magic Pipe” and “The Magic Boot.”

You can check out photos of That 1 Guy’s Denver performance last night, courtesy of Alan Westman. You can also get more information about That 1 Guy and his current touring schedule via his website.


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