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Vibe & Direct Blossom Into Stars On Stellar “Chrysanthemum” LP


Vibe & Direct have created a fresh new sound – with elements of funk and jazz that are refreshingly free from any conventions and restrictions. Their recently released disc, Chrysanthemum, is a dynamic encapsulation of the positive energy and soulful power the band brings to the world.

Rising out of the Ohio music scene, Vibe & Direct have won over a dedicated fan base with expansive guitar lines, thumping bass, precise drum beats and an impressive flow between styles. Fellow Buckeye Anthony Thogmartin of Papadosio hopped on-board to help shape Chrysanthemum into a seamless display of genre-spanning wonderment. Listen to the album below:

Tracks like “Bull And The Minx” and “Queens And King” showcase their talent for ever-evolving sonic landscapes. Both tracks organically ebb and flow in not only tempo but in shape and form. Remarkably, Vibe & Direct’s influences seem to inform, not limit, their musical direction.

The title track of Chrysanthemum is a tour de force for guitarist Mike Miller. He can seamlessly go from rhythm to lead to blistering solo without giving anything less than his best. Miller’s care and emotion come through with each note, whether in rise or fall.

Danny Giannetto weaves fills in and around a clockwork beat in a way that is fascinating to observe. That rich pocket enables bassist Douglas Rab to explore patterns he couldn’t if he was shoring up the beat. Rab responds to that freedom happily, dropping in playful teases while keeping his own identity.

“Wishing Well” shows their mastery of electronic bells and whistles, primarily in swirling loops of sound. Wisely, these effects are used as accents, not the basis of this song or any other. Vibe & Direct keep their studio work clean and wholly translatable to the stage.

Chrysanthemum is a clear picture of a band challenging themselves to be the best they can be. The evolution of Vibe & Direct’s sound and skill is a direct result of the intricate sonic gymnastics they continually practice. With this level of talent, song-craft and performance skill at their disposal, Vibe & Direct have a promising road ahead of them. Check out the band on their website, and don’t miss them at the upcoming Alchemy Rising Music & Arts Festival this May!

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