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Canadian Pop Culture Capitals, according to YouTube


In honor of Canada Day, we decided to look at which Canadian cities are most interested in the country’s cultural icons. Specifically, we picked a number of Canada-related topics, determining which city had the largest percentage of its June views devoted to the topic. Does Toronto watch the most hockey-related content? Does Ottawa dominate when it comes to watching videos about snowshoeing? Which Canadian city is most interested in poutine? We’ve crunched the numbers for Canada’s largest cities and have the findings below:

  • Classic Canadian musicians are most popular in Laval, QC, with The Tragically Hip and Montreal’s own Leonard Cohen coming up on top.
  • Canada’s animals are most-loved in Ontario, with views of Beavers highest in Brampton and views of moose-related videos highest in Toronto.
  • Timmies, aka Tim Hortons, is one of Canada’s best-loved fast-food chains, and views of videos related to it are highest in Burnaby, BC.
  • Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is most-watched in Edmonton (same with The Weeknd, who grew up in Toronto).

Source: YouTube