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Game of Thrones Continues to Level Up Fan Engagement on YouTube


Which Game of Thrones episodes have generated the most activity on YouTube? With Season 7 of Game of Thrones now under way, we can see how it compares to previous seasons by totaling views of Game of Thrones–related videos uploaded on an episode’s air date, plus two days.

  • The Season 7 premiere generated the most activity on YouTube compared to any other premiere, Seasons 1–6.
  • The Season 6 finale generated the most activity of any Game of Thrones episode.
  • Based on historic trends, we expect Season 7 to continue an upward trajectory and surpass views set by Season 6. 
  • Season 3, Episode 9 (“The Rains of Castamere,” also known as “The Red Wedding”) is the third most popular.
When it comes to the most popular elements from Game of Thrones, we examined characters and houses from the show to determine the most popular, using views on videos related to each:

  • Daenerys and House Targaryen are among the most popular on YouTube.
  • The Starks (including Jon Snow) total four of the top 10 characters.
Will Daenerys continue to remain the top character through Season 7? Will the Season 7 finale surpass the finale from Season 6? Once the season concludes in August 2017, we will eagerly update the results.

Source: YouTube