Channel Nine To Launch New Live Music Show ‘Jam Live’

Channel Nine is set to launch a new live music show in June, titled ‘Jam Live’.

The program, which will be broadcast in Adelaide and available on demand elsewhere through 9Now, will feature music performances recorded live at shows and festivals around Adelaide and South Australia.

Debuting at 4:30pm ACST on Saturday, 23rd June, the weekly show’s first season will include five half-hour episodes, with appearances from the likes of Regurgitator, Tired Lion, West Thebarton, San Cisco, Dean Lewis, Josh Cashman and Boo Seeka.

“‘Jam Live’ will be showing not just local artists but touring artists as well,” the program’s producer and presenter, Shanelle Franklin, tells Music Feeds.

“The show is designed just as much for the venues and festivals as it is for the artists and bands. We aim to showcase live music, be a fly on the wall and capture the magic for the viewer.

“More importantly, we want to open their ears to music they may not have heard before. It is designed to get people excited about live music and back into supporting the local artists, the touring artists and of course the venues and festivals who put these artists on.”

For more information about ‘Jam Live’, head to the show’s official website.

This little baby lands very soon! Watch this space.

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