Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son Album Review and Tour Dates

Rock Ain’t Dead Yet

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Album Review by Mark Ashe

June 2018

I was on assignment to shoot Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son for Live Music News and Review in New York City.  I heard good things about Bobby Mahoney’s band and I thought I’d just shoot some photos and go to my next gig uptown.  I wasn’t prepared for what came next. The bands set at The Bowery Electric was on fire and I literally got chills running down my spine.  That’s only happened to me once before, the first time I saw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in 1978. Mahoney and his band have “it.”  The intensity in which they play their music: they “feel it!” What an amazing set! BUT, I’m not here to write about their live show, I’m here to write about the band’s amazing, self-titled fourth album, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son.

The album has a little bit of everything; four new songs, three live tracks and three rerecorded older tunes.  It starts off with the electrifying, high energy “Empty Passenger Seats.” Imagine The Clash meets Green Day meets Gaslight Anthem; straight-ahead rock, no bullshit, no gimmicks.  The passion in Mahoney’s voice is what really makes the songs kick some ass. The band is super tight with Mahoney on vocals/guitar, Andrew Saul on guitar/backing vocals, James McIntosh/drums and John Shepherd on bass/backing vocals.  Jon Chang-Soon, has since replace Shepherd on bass.

A studio version of “Call It Quits” follows and the intensity keeps going at a furious pace.  When Mahoney sings, it’s as if he’s singing for the very last time, he puts every last bit of energy into every lyric.  Powerful and moving are just some of the ways to describe the passion that he and the band have.

I called it quits on a night like this

We’re better off as ghosts that you’re afraid to miss

Take what you can get, beg, borrow, or steal

Just wait until I don’t come back again

And they’ll say that they all miss me

And wish that I’d come over

For me to sit and stare off into nothing

Waiting for another chance to leave

“Lorraine” is a love affair gone bad, with lots of classic song and album references including  “Ryan Adams Heartbreaker,” “My Yellow Brick Road,” “Insomniac” and “Let It Bleed.” Next up is “Roaring Twenties”; it continues rocking with some incredible lyrics and spectacular guitar work by Mahoney and Saul.

Here’s to your health

Here’s to the empty

Here’s to you, baby, and the roaring twenties

Here’s to the future

Here’s to last-ditch dreams, and

Here’s to you, baby, and the roaring twenties

“Shot in the Dark” and “Another Deadbeat Summer” are two superb crowd pleasers.  Here Mahoney and the band shift from fourth gear to eighth gear (who knew there was an eighth gear?)  Mahoney and Saul are outstanding on guitar and McIntosh on drums. There’s even a nice saxophone solo by Zack Sandler to round out the sing-along.  “Another Deadbeat Summer” could certainly be the anthem for this and every future summer.

“Black and Milds” starts out stark, just Mahoney’s acoustic guitar and vocals, singing about lost love.  (I have to confess that I didn’t know what Black and Milds were; after a quick Google search, I found out that they’re a “pipe tobacco cigar.”)  About three quarters through into the seven-minute song, there’s the most mind-blowing guitar solos. Out of nowhere, Mahoney and Saul just tear it up and the band joins in putting the finishing touches on a remarkable song.

Rounding out the album are three live songs, “New Age Outlaws,” “Leave It Frayed” and “Call It Quits.”  Yes, “Call It Quits” is on twice and this remarkable version of the song is even better than the studio version.  “New Age Outlaws” and “Leave It Frayed” are high powered and raw, which continue to promote the theme of the album, let’s have some fun and rock the shit out this record.

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son is an awe-inspiring record and I highly recommend that you buy it.  It’s rocks! On my first listen, “Empty Passenger Seats,” then “Call It Quits,” I kept saying to myself, holy shit, are you kidding me!  Then, “Lorraine” and “Roaring Twenties,” the songs seemed to be getting better and better. Not one dud on the entire album. Play this record loud!  Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son are not yet signed to a record deal, everything is self produced and marketed. If there’s any record executives reading this, listen to the album, rock ain’t dead yet.  Jon Bon Jovi, had Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son open for his sold-out 20,000 seat Prudential Center show in New Jersey this past April. Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son are gonna bust out all over the airways, it’s just a matter of time.  You can see the band on Wednesday June 14 in Asbury Park, NJ and all summer long. Be sure to check them out. Here’s their upcoming shows.

– 6.14 House of Independents- Asbury Park, NJ Summer Kick Off Party

– 6.16 Kaleidoscope- Lancaster, PA

– 6.23 Bradley Beach Lobster Fest 3-5pm, Bradley Beach, NJ

– 7.13 Pianos, New York, NY

– 7.15 APFC World Cup @ APYC Noon Show,  Asbury Park, NJ

– 7.15 Blueberry Lawnching Festival – East Brunswick, NJ

– 7.26 Elsewhere Brooklyn, NY

Facebook: @BobbyMahoneyMusic