Imagine Dragons leaves Syracuse fans feeling ‘On Top of the World’

First things first, Imagine Dragon’s live performance at the Lakeview Amphitheater in Syracuse, NY on June 11 will be a hard act for any artist to follow there this summer.  The band’s energy was clear right from the beginning, starting with “Radioactive.” They were elevated into the middle of the stage playing various percussion instruments, building up the energy for the show.

Second things second, it is so rare to see huge acts spend up close and personal time with their fans. Lead singer Dan Reynolds owns his stage presence and isn’t afraid to hop off stage and walk through the entire venue as he sings. Reynolds even jumped over the fence to give fans in the lawn section some love.

About a third of the way into the show, the band dialed the energy down a bit and followed Reynolds into the crowd to perform acoustic versions of “Amsterdam,” “I Bet My Life” and a stripped down, stringed version of “Bleeding Out” with violin and cello.

Third things third, Reynolds told the crowd that he hoped their show would be a great escape from their fans’ troubles for a few hours. With confetti flying four times throughout the show and balloons dropping on the crowd at the show’s end, Imagine Dragons know how to add that extra flare of fun to their shows. Fans at the amphitheater enjoyed every minute and could hardly contain their excitement by jumping up and down singing along to every song.

Last things last, If you come to a show as a fair weather fan, Imagine Dragons will make you a believer once you’ve seen them perform live. Their love for their fans, talent and energy in their live performance is so authentic for a band as big as they have become.

Setlist: Radioactive, It’s Time, Whatever It Takes, Shots, Yesterday, Walking the Wire, Next to Me, I’ll Make It Up to You, Start Over, The River, Gold, I Don’t Know Why, Mouth of the River, Amsterdam, Bleeding Out, I Bet My Life, Demons, Thunder, On Top of the World, Believer