Prepare yourself for Camp Bisco’s Color War XIII: The Over Bezerk

With Camp Bisco less than two weeks away, it’s time to start preparing for Color War Xlll: The Over Bezerk! An homage to one of the greatest shows ever played by The Disco Biscuits and feature a remix of the classic Color Wars game that has been played for the past 12 Camp Biscos. For the 13th year of Color War, the games will be played following the rules of the only other game in existence that is as ruthless as the way Biscuits fans get down on the field.

Known as “The game of games” on the streets of Philadelphia, this year will incorporate the rules of Chardee Macdennis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Only the most savage players on Lot have a chance to play the most savage game ever created and offered to the masses.

Join the Color War teams – Orange, Purple, Green and Blue on Friday, July 13 from Noon to 5pm at the Lazy River in the waterpark. Want to sign up? We got ya covered!

Chardee Macdennis has three levels that dictate the order the games are played in, and the traditional camp games will be reworked to fit under these guidelines:

Level 1 (Mind)- Trivia, Puzzles and Artistry

Level 2 (Body)- Physical Challenge and Endurance

Level 3 (Spirit)- Emotional Battery and Public Humiliation

Color War is not just a war of games, it is a War of psychological warfare! All year long, rival teams take the time to get to know their opponents inside and out so they can use what they have learned to crush their spirits on the field. Just as in It’s Always Sunny, physical representation of the team Captains will assist in shaming the losers with the ceremonious destruction of their game pieces at the end of the game – an added bonus to the glory of winning the coveted Color War Cup!!!