The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe Says He May Not Return To Australia

The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s frontman Anton Newcombe has taken to Twitter, declaring that he “doesn’t think he’ll return to Australia” following controversy over the rape joke he made during the band’s recent Sydney show.

ICYMI: a petition demanding the psych rockers’ immediate Ausie tour cancellation was triggered during the backlash following the distasteful joke, which was part of a tirade Newcombe was going on against the band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

“[Black Rebel Motorcycle Club] is also called The Elements and that’s a stupid fucking name,” Newcombe was caught on film saying at the time. “In fact there’s another band called The Elements with a flyer outside the show [angry screams from the crowd] Whatever, you’re a dickhead. Your mum probably screamed like that when she was being raped and that’s how you were born.”

In the aftermath, Newcombe released a statement denying that he ever made light of rape culture, and criticising “fascist PC [c]rap and trial by internet”, and it seems the whole experience has soured him on Australia for good.

Taking to Twitter overnight, he wrote: “I don’t think i will return to australia. i’m fine with it. i meet loads of great australians all over the planet. i loved the great shows…it was great fun,i came to play musc [sic] like i was asked… for some reason it was ok to hang me out all night in sydney while people threw shit ant [sic] hakon and i for two hours straight until after the end of the show. bottom line,i am a 50 year guy singing love songs… haha – what is the threat? i didn’t say anything all night… until the end. fact.”

He continued: “i don’t have a radical agenda.. i cook food… i don’t even drink or drug….i reformed – i ply [sic] with legos and write music with women everyday and create jobs…. oh dear…

“Feels a million times better to be in New Zealand… nice night.”

The whole thing doesn’t bode well for the rumoured Brian Jonestown Massacre/Dandy Warhols co-headlining Australian tour, which was rumoured to be happening in 2019.

Read Newcombe’s latest tweets below.


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