Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French Reveals He’s A Cancer Survivor

Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French has revealed that he has survived a secret battle with prostate cancer.

French was recently a guest on the Let There Be Talk podcast, where he spoke candidly about his battle with cancer.

“I’m a prostate cancer survivor,” French said. “I was diagnosed in March, and I had an operation in April, and they tell me I’m cured.”

He also elaborated on the fact that he’s been receiving medical attention for over a decade, given his family’s history with cancer.

“They’ve been watching me for 15 years, ’cause my father died of it. My father died in ’84. And then starting in 2004, they started watching me carefully, and my brother carefully, and we knew this wasn’t a matter of ‘if’, it was a matter of ‘when’. So when it finally diagnosed itself, it finally came up, I had to deal with it…had to proactively deal with it. So seven weeks ago yesterday, I went in the hospital and had it removed. They took it out, and it looks like they got all of it.”

His medical problems didn’t start there. He also spoke about how a previous heart operation almost took his life.

“When I had my heart operations ten years ago, the first one failed and almost killed me, and the second one cured me,” he said. “And I faced mortality then. So I face mortality now. ‘Cause we didn’t know how it was gonna look until they removed it and took a look at it to see if it was gone or not gone.”

Twisted Sister retired from touring two years ago, following their massive 40th anniversary tour.

Listen to the podcast below.

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