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moe. Delivers ‘A Night At The Arcade’ Show In Philadelphia – Full Show Audio


moe. celebrated Halloween a little early this year with a performance at The Fillmore Philadelphia on Saturday. The five-piece presented “A Night At The Arcade” as they served up a video game-themed concert. Over the course of the two-set show, the Buffalo-birthed act would work in music from a number of console classics, changed the lyrics to their own songs to reference the likes of Donkey Kong, Frogger and Mario Bros. And served up some smartly chosen covers that nodded to the evening’s theme.

Dressed for the occasion in costumes representing various video game characters, moe. opened things up with an instrumental version of “Nebraska” played in an 8-bit style. The quartet would then have some fun with their own material changing “Annihilation Blues” to “Annihilation Control.” After delivering the intro to “Spine Of A Dog” the band dusted off their cover of The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” for the first time in over 12 years. The track from Tommy served as the launching point for an extended segue-filled run that featured fan-favorite “Mexico” and “Tijuana Donkey Show” featuring lyrics referencing Donkey Kong with the theme to Tetris closing out the stretch. Later in the frame, the band would drop “Buster” in the middle of the theme to 1980s arcade classic Frogger.

moe. opened their second set with a Mario Bros.’ referencing “Mar-DeMa.” They would double-down on the Nintendo classic by playing “Underworld” from the iconic game next. The band would then switch gaming systems with the theme to Sonic The Hedgehog. The jamband stalwarts would go on to feature music from The Legenda Of Zelda, Burger Time and Galaga throughout the stanza, which also featured their debut take on Peter Gabriel’s “Games Without Frontiers.” The band’s two-song encore saw them offer up another instrumental 8-bit interpretation of one of their songs this time looking to “Don’t Fuck With Flo” before closing things out with the clever cover choice of Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter.”

Watch pro-shot video for “Nebraska” courtesy of nugs.tv and listen to audio of the entire show below:


Audio Taped by Brian V.

Setlist (via moe. Facebook)

I: Nebraska1, Annihilation Control2, Spine Of A Dog Intro > Pinball Wizard3 > Mexico > Tijuana Donkey Kong Show4 > Mexico > Tetris5, Wicked Awesome6 > Jazz Wank > Frogger7 > Buster8 > Frogger7

II: Mario-DeMa9 > Underworld10 > Sonic The Hedgehog11 > Hi & Lo Score12 > Zelda Naught Z13, Burger Time Ed14, Games Without Fronteirs15 > Drums > Regalaga16

Encore: Don’t Fuck With Flo17 > No Quarter18

1. instrumental w/ all band members playing tiny keyboards only, 2. alternate lyrics Annihilation Blues , 3. LTP > 9/20/06, 4. alternate lyrics to Tijuana Donkey Show, 5. FTP (cover – Tetris theme), 6. alternate lyrics to Wicked Awesome, 7. FTP (cover – Frogger theme), 8. alternate lyrics to Buster included w/ theme from Frogger, 9. Mar-DeMa included theme from Mario Bros., 10. FTP (cover Underworld from Mario Bros.), 11. FTP (cover Sonic The Hedgehog theme), 12. alternate lyircs to Hi & Lo, 13. Zed Naught Z included theme from Zelda, 14. Time Ed included theme from Burger Time, 15. FTP (cover – Peter Gabriel), 16. Rebubula included theme from Galaga, 17. w/ all band members playing tiny keyoards only, 18. FTP (cover Led Zeppelin)