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Widespread Panic Announces ‘Northampton 1998’ Live Archival Release


Widespread Panic‘s latest multi-track live archival release features an official recording of the band’s November 17, 1998 show at the Calvin Theatre in Northampton, Massachusetts. Northampton 1998 is due out on November 16 and available for pre-order here.

The 12th installment of Widespread Panic’s multi-track series of live archival releases was recorded during the Northeast leg of the band’s stellar Fall Tour 1998. Highlights include the debut of “Little Lilly,” which was performed as an instrumental that night, as well as rarity “Sandbox,” a nod to Spinal Tap during the “Red Hot Mama” opener in the form of a “Big Bottom” rap and an otherworldly “Driving Song” sequence. The Northampton ’98 “Driving Song” came out of the beloved “Arleen” and featured “Pleas,” “All Time Low” and the aforementioned “Little Lily” between segments. John Keane mixed and mastered the new release, which will be available on CD and in digital formats. Listen to the “Postcard” that ended the first set:

Setlist (via Everyday Companion)

Set One: Red Hot Mama, Walkin’ (For Your Love) > Love Tractor, Blue Indian > Greta > Sleeping Man, Sandbox, Blackout Blues, Postcard

Set Two: Climb To Safety, Arleen > Driving Song > Pleas > All Time Low > Little Lilly > Driving Song > Breathing Slow > Drums > Four Cornered Room > Makes Sense To Me, Space Wrangler

Encore: Heaven > Travelin’ Light

[First ‘Little Lilly’; Instrumental ‘Little Lilly’; ‘Big Bottom’ rap by JB during ‘Red Hot Mama’; ‘Little Lilly’ tease during ‘Arlene’]