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Dave Matthews Band Welcomes Guests, Debuts Cover & Offers Bust Out In Charlottesville


Dave Matthews Band closed out their two-night homecoming stand at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville on Saturday. The jam act teamed with Preservation Hall Jazz Band for the second night in a row, this time offering up an instrumental debut cover of “Rock Around The Clock.” Additionally, the band welcomed jazz trumpeter John D’Earth and guitarist Joe Lawler to assist them during their 19-song main set and unearthed “Halloween” for the first time since 2016.

Dave Matthews & Co. got their night going with a pair of longtime fan-favorites delivering takes on “Warehouse” and “The Song That Jane Likes.” From there they would work their way through a mix of classic material along with a handful of the cuts from Come Tomorrow and the recently revived cover of Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House.” At the midway point of the set Lawler emerged to lend a hand on “Rhyme & Reason” from their 1994 breakthrough album Under The Table And Dreaming.

Towards the back end of the night, D’earth added his trumpet playing to the mix sitting in on the “Jimi Thing” which also included a portion of Prince’s “Sexy M.F.” The members of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band helped bring the set to close. The legendary New Orleans act led the ensemble through an instrumental take on the classic rock n’ roll song “Rock Around The Clock” before kicking into a set-closing take on “Ants Marching.” Dave Matthews Band brought their evening to an end with a three-song encore. “Christmas Song” came ahead of the tour-debuts of “Two Step” and “Halloween.” The former hadn’t been played since this past summer, while the latter had been sitting shelf since September 3, 2016 – a span of 98 shows. Watch fan-shot video from last night below:

Rock Around The Clock > Ants Marching w. Preservation Hall Jazz Band Captured by DMB4041

Two Step > Halloween Captured by DMB4041

Jimi Thing > Sexy M.F. w. John D’earth Captured by T.J.P

Burning Down The House Captured by DMB4041


Dave Matthews Band at John Paul Jones Arena

  • Warehouse
  • The Song That Jane Likes
  • Do You Remember
  • Funny the Way It Is
  • Crush
  • Burning Down the House  
  • Say Goodbye
  • You Might Die Trying
  • Can’t Stop
  • Rhyme & Reason
  • Digging a Ditch
  • She
  • Lie in Our Graves
  • Where Are You Going
  • Jimi Thing  Sexy M.F.  
  • Here on Out
  • Pantala Naga Pampa  Rapunzel
  • Rock Around the Clock  Ants Marching
  • Christmas Song
  • Two Step  Halloween