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Trey Anastasio Compilation Features Stories From December 2018 Solo Acoustic Tour


Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio recently completed an eight-date solo acoustic tour. Trey mixed stories with songs from throughout his career each night. The folks at 215Music compiled taper audio of the tales Anastasio told for a compilation that spans nearly two hours.

The tour started in Mesa with a concert that included Trey’s take on the lifespan of guitars, his habit of drooling, a love story about his grandmother and more. Anastasio discussed horses, made a dedication to his friend Captain Kevin and explained the origins of “Guelah Papyrus” as part of a stop in Santa Barbara. The guitarist’s next solo acoustic concert in Los Angeles featured a tale of partying in Hollywood, why he didn’t like the image used for the cover of Phish’s 1994 album Hoist and how he got Rose Stone to sing on “Wolfman’s Brother.”

The tour then moved on to Oakland, where Trey talked about his distaste for kale, a time the band’s car was robbed and the inside joke of “The Wait.” In Eugene, the guitarist recalled sharing Phish drummer Jon Fishman’s room number with the crowd at a previous gig in town and discussed a night partying with rapper Nelly. The penultimate stop of the tour took place in Redding, California. Anastasio’s stories that night included the tale of a day he almost lost his life in a kayak accident and the morose origin of a line in the song “Carini.”

At the first of two nights in Boulder, Anastasio told the crowd about Phish’s first visit to Colorado. He also switched his stance on kale and discussed some of the movies he recently watched on the tour bus. Saturday’s finale featured the explanation of a new song entitled “Sigma Oasis,” his thoughts on seeing the Rocky Mountains for the first time and how drunken bridesmaids helped give birth to Phish’s Kasvot Växt set. Listen to the compilation below with thanks to 215Music and all the tapers:

Official audio of all shows is available via LivePhish.com.