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Gary Clark Jr. Announces New Album ‘THIS LAND’ & Shares Single


Guitarist Gary Clark Jr. will release a new album entitled THIS LAND on March 1 via Warner Bros. Records. Clark Jr. shared the politically-charged title track from the LP, which he will perform live tonight on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

The video for “This Land” was directed by Savanah Leaf in the guitarist’s hometown of Austin. Clark Jr. appeared on Zane’s World Record on Beats 1 on Apple Music earlier today. Here’s what he had to say about the title track from his third studio album, which deals with the racism Gary has faced:

I’m just basically saying we’re here, everybody’s here. We all deserve an equal shot and let’s get over the bullshit. I grew up in the south, in Austin, Texas. I had a few situations down there with some racism, and some Confederate flags, and people calling me out of their trucks, and all that kind of stuff. It wasn’t an everyday thing, but I recently had an incident in my neighborhood with that, in front of my kid. Everything that was going on in November 2017, around that time, just the past couple years have been kind of crazy. Climate’s been a little bit wild. I had a track, a beat that I laid down, I didn’t have any lyrics over it and it just … I was just kind of sitting in there and it just came to me. I just went in there and fired off.

Gary Clark Jr. kicks off an extensive tour in support of the album on March 9 in Miami Beach. Watch the “This Land” video below:

THIS LAND Tracklist

  1. This Land
  2. What About Us
  3. I Got My Eyes On You (Locked & Loaded)
  4. I Walk Alone
  5. Feelin’ Like A Million
  6. Gotta Get Into Something
  7. Got To Get Up
  8. Feed The Babies
  9. Pearl Cadillac
  10. When I’m Gone
  11. The Guitar Man
  12. Low Down Rolling Stone
  13. The Governor
  14. Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow
  15. Dirty Dishes Blues