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Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Debuts Motorhead Cover At 1st Of 3 From The Capitol Theatre


Joe Russo’s Almost Dead began a three-night run at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York on Friday. For their first show of 2019, the five-piece act worked in an unexpected cover of Motorhead’s “Fast Loose” towards the end of their second set.

Drummer Joe Russo, guitarists Tom Hamilton and Scott Metzger, keyboardist Marco Benevento and bassist Dave Dreiwitz looked to “Beat It Down The Line” to get their evening going. The Jesse Fuller-written song that stretches back to the Grateful Dead’s early days slammed directly into a high-octane pairing of “Scarlet Begonias” and its longtime partner “Fire On The Mountain.” A Metzger sung take on the cosmic trucker song “Black Throated Wind” followed. A spirited “Bertha” and “Lazy Lightning” brought the opening frame to a close.

The quintet tapped “Friend Of The Devil” to open up the second set. As the folk-rocker came to an end Benevento laid down a gorgeous piano solo that eventually bled into an expansive and at times dark, acid-dripping take on “The Wheel.” JRAD then looked to two very different eras of the Dead with the rarely played psychedelic nugget “Mason’s Children” coming ahead of the late-70s anthem “I Need A Miracle.” The biggest surprise of the night followed as Dreiwitz fronted the band for their debut take on “Fast And Loose” from Motorhead’s 1980 album Ace Of Spades. A thunderous version of “The Other One” brought the stanza to a close. Joe Russo’s Almost Dead brought the night to a close with a two-song encore with the traditional folk number “Peggy-O” and a sing-along take on “Ripple.”

Watch pro-shot video of the opening songs from each set along with their debut of “Fast And Loose” below:

Beat It Down The Line, Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain

Friend Of The Devil, The Wheel

Fast And Loose > The Other OneCaptured by Monica Hampton

Black Throated Wind Captured by Sean Roche


Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at Capitol Theatre

Set 1
  • Beat It On Down the Line  
  • Scarlet Begonias  Fire on the Mountain  Black-Throated Wind  Bertha  
  • Lazy Lightning  
Set 2
  • Friend of the Devil  The Wheel  Mason’s Children  
  • I Need a Miracle  Fast and Loose  The Other One  
  • Peggy-O  
  • Ripple