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Nick Cave Has Given An Update On The Bad Seeds’ Upcoming Album


Musically, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have been a little quiet lately with their latest album, Skeleton Tree, being released back in 2016.

But while speaking at the Melbourne leg of his ‘Conversations’ speaking tour, Cave gave some insight into the band’s highly anticipated follow up meaning that there is indeed an album on the way.

According to NME, he said, “We’ve really nearly finished a new record, I would say.”

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“And it’s an amazing thing in my opinion. I’m very, very excited about it.”

This tour comes after Cave opened up in a way we’ve never seen before in a fan Q&A via his new website, The Red Hand Files, and address things like how his wife influences his music and the tragic death of his son.

Speaking of his wife, Susie Beck recently addressed the music Cave was writing, saying “some of his songs reveal themselves at night in his fever dreams.”

“They are his Fever Songs.”

Cave’s speaking tour wraps up in Perth tonight.

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