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SunSquabi Releases New Album ‘Instinct’


Today, Colorado’s instrumental electro-funk trio, SunSquabi, have issued their highly anticipated new album, Instinct. Throughout 2018, the band previewed this latest collection through the debut of a trio tracks, “Caterpillar,” “Chrysalis” and “Night Moth.” As previously noted, the three-part series was inspired by biological evolution — a theme that remains salient across the group’s 10-track release today.

With SunSquabi consistently growing their fanbase nationwide, Instinct highlights the band’s ever-changing sound. With guitarist Kevin Donohue, bassist Josh Fairman and drummer Chris Anderson at the forefront, the album is concrete evidence of the three-piece’s maturation, with a greater focus on using heavier electronica as the record’s base while still infusing each track with the band’s characteristic take on funk and jazz.

In addition to the group’s previously released “metamorphosis” series, Instinct features new songs “Land Sloth,” “Dexter’s Day Out,” “Snapping Turtle” and “Polar Bear.” The collection also contains a number of tracks featuring special guests, including Pretty Lights turntablist Chris Karns on the album-opening “Pangolin,” former Turbo Suit saxophonist and frequent SunSquabi collaborator Nick Gerlach on “Reptile” and The String Cheese Incident percussionist Jason Hann on “Fisher Cat.”

Listen to SunSquabi’s Instinct below:

In addition to the new album, SunSquabi is gearing up for their biggest year to date. The group will make their debut on Jam Cruise 17 next week, followed up by a 12-date tour supporting the new album across the end of January and into mid-February. SunSquabi is also set to appear at Phoenix’s M3F Fest in early March.