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There’s Another Trailer For The Fyre Festival Documentary For You To Cringe At


The world is gearing all the way up for the brand spankin’ new Fyre Festival documentary that’s coming to Netflix next week, and now we have another trailer to sink our teeth into while we wait.

While we got a glimpse at the doco in a brief trailer earlier this week, this one gives us a more in-depth look into what the documentary will actually involve. We can look forward to chats with some of the employees as well as a look into the founder Billy McFarland’s fraud charges which, of course, sent him to prison.

The festival was put on by McFarland and Ja Rule (lmao) and it was an absolute bloody shitstorm. With tickets costing up to US$100,000, punters were promised luxury beachside accommodation when all they really got were crappy tents that you probably would be better off buying from Kmart.

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FYRE is available on Netflix on January 18. Watch the trailer below.

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