Home Music Watch Dave Grohl Fall Off Stage (Again) After Chugging A Beer

Watch Dave Grohl Fall Off Stage (Again) After Chugging A Beer


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has kicked off 2019 by falling off stage again, this time after quickly downing a beer during a show in Las Vegas.

Video of the accident (below) sees Grohl ask for a beer from the bar while performing at a private show with the Foos on Wednesday, as part of annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) festivities.

After being handed a beer, Grohl manages to spill some of it on a speaker, before chugging the rest and trying to climb back on stage.

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Unfortunately, he falls straight back into the photo pit, but is supported by security personnel, who help him back onto the stage.

Grohl (of course) kept performing, and thankfully didn’t break a leg like he did back in 2015.

Last year, Grohl also pranked fans in Gothenburg, Sweden by having a lookalike appear to accidentally fall off the stage.

Watch him Learn To Fall again, below.

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