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Farmer & The Owl Release 2019 Set Times + Site Map


Farmer & The Owl festival is set to make its highly anticipated arrival in just a few weeks, and now we finally have set times and a set map to kick things into gear.

Set across four stages, the festival is absolutely packed to the brim with acts playing from midday to 11:30pm.

On site, a whole bunch of independent labels, like SpunkPieater and Hotel Motel, will have a bunch of stalls ready for your perusal. On top of that, indie retailer Music Farmers will have a stall that is stocking music from some of the acts on the bill, as well as vinyl from some of the most famous indie labels across the globe.

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Farmer & The Owl 2019 features the likes of Beach House, Hockey Dad, Stella Donnelly, Deafheaven, Snail Mail and more.

Check out set times and the set map below.

Farmer & The Owl 2019 Site Map

Farmer & The Owl 2019 Set Times


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