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Greensky Bluegrass Presents A ‘Casual Wednesday’ In Columbus With Billy Strings


Greensky Bluegrass are known for throwing down on Wednesday nights, usually based around their original “Casual Wednesday.” However, the song disappeared from Wednesday night setlists for most shows this year. Last night, “Casual Wednesday” came back at Express Live! in Columbus with a fun theme and young guest.

The show started a celebration of guitarist Dave Bruzza‘s birthday, which is actually today. GSBG opened with “Reverend” and continued with the year’s first version of Flatt and Scruggs’ “Cryin’ Holy Unto The Lord (Rock Where Moses Stood).” Next up was “Ashes” from the recently released All For Money along with a typically extended “Leap Year” and the fun “Who Is Fredrico?” Soon thereafter came the return of “Depot Bay” for the first time since January 31, 2018. Billy Strings kicked off the show and came out at the end of the first set. Initially, all of GSBG but Bruzza vacated the stage for a Dave/Billy version of “Hot Dogs (On Parade).” Slowly but surely the members of the band returned and the set concluded with a raucous “Freeborn Man” featuring Strings.

At the start of the second set, Anders Beck gave a speech during “Casual Wednesday” about how “Casual Wednesdays” are all about fun. He whipped out a toy trumpet and had issues playing it. Beck then brought out Miles Weissman, the son of longtime GSBG publicist Dave Weissman, who showed the crowd how it’s done. The theme in Columbus connected songs using the same word in the title. “Casual Wednesday” was followed by a cover of The Beatles’ “A Day In The Life.” From there, Greensky presented a string of All For Money’s “Wish I Didn’t Know” into the first “I Know You Rider” since October 25, 2017 into the second-ever “Ryder’s Song.” The latter tune was debuted way back on November 5, 2015 and had been missing in action ever since.

Last night’s second set rolled on with the pairing of “It’s Not Mine Anymore” off All For Money and “More Of Me.” Then the band hit the road for “Courage For The Road” and Talking Heads’ “Road To Nowhere.” Next, GSBG had fun with “all” and “money” as “All Four” gave way to “All For Money,” which led into Dire Straits’ “Money For Nothing.” Greensky had two covers in store for the “dusty” encore: David Grisman’s “Eat My Dust” and Joshua Davis’ “Dustbowl Overture.”

Setlist (via PT)

Set 1: Reverend, Cryin’ Holy Unto The Lord (Rock Where Moses Stood), Ashes, Leap Year, Who Is Frederico?, Room Without a Roof, Depot Bay, Hot Dogs (On Parade)1,2, Freeborn Man1

Set 2: Casual Wednesday, A Day in the Life, Wish I Didn’t Know> I Know You Rider> Ryder’s Song, It’s Not Mine Anymore> More of Me, Courage for the Road, Road to Nowhere, All Four, All for Money, Money for Nothing

Encore: E.M.D. (Eat My Dust) > Dustbowl Overture

  • 1 – w/ Billy Strings (guitar)
  • 2 – Bruzza and Billy duo