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moe. Uses Setlist To Insult President In Portland: Full Show Audio


moe. guitarist Al Schnier has become a self-described “political junkie” as of late and often shares his views on Twitter. Schnier was in charge of writing the setlist for last night’s moe. show at the State Theatre in Portland, Maine and took aim at President Donald Trump with the first letter of each song, which when laid out on the stage setlist reads, “TRUMP IS A LYING ASS.”

The quintet opened with a 25-minute sequence of “Tailspin,” “Ricky Marten” and “Understand.” From there, moe. continued on with an expansive “meat.” featuring a particularly intense solo from guitarist Chuck Garvey and a long percussion jam via Jim Loughlin. Rob Derhak‘s bass solo led into the conclusion of “meat.” complete with a fierce Schnier solo. A pairing of Al’s “Waiting For The Punchline” and Garvey’s It” ended the frame.

moe. went the old school route by kicking off the closing stanza with “Seat Of My Pants” and “Akimbo.” From there, Al’s “Little Miss Cup Half Empty” led into Chuck’s “Y.O.Y.” Next was a pair of tunes debuted in 2018, Loughlin’s “I Can Never Remember” and Garvey’s “New Hope For The New Year.” The latter began a 45-minute, jam-filled run that also featured “George” and “Bullet,” a.k.a. “Assfinger.” Schnier started the encore with his “al.nouncements” of special occasions. He then addressed the political situation by saying:

“This next song is a brand new song. I don’t want to tell you what to do. However, if nothing else I’ll encourage you to pay attention. I think that we deserve better and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Your politics aside, your beliefs aside, I think that we deserve better and it’s up to us. That’s the way this whole thing was built. So, just pay attention. It’s our job. It’s by the people, by the people … it’s our fucking job. Every now and then people tell me to shut and play my guitar, but that’s not my job because I’m one of you too. This is my job, this is what we do. So this is for all of us.” – Al Schnier

moe. then launched into the debut of an Al-penned song entitled “Screaming & Kicking.” The politically-charged song includes such lyrics as “The swamp it just thickens,” “so you don’t like the facts and you change the story” and “building bridges or building walls are you building anything at all?” The show ended on a slightly lighter note with “Spaz Medicine.” Listen to an audience recording taped by Brian V: