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Best Local tax service 2019 – Liberty Tax Service


Liberty Tax Service

Best Local tax service

362 College St. (Rte. 9),
Amherst, MA
And various locations

Best Local tax service - Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Amherst has been offering tax preparation services for the past eight years. President Ralph Guisti was looking for a new business after selling out his software company in Connecticut. While driving down Enfield, he passed by the Liberty wavers (the dancers). It was the dancers that made Guisti want to find out about Liberty Tax. “Dealing with the clients day to day and teaching my employees how to work with them is always fun,” Guisti says. “Plus, solving numerical problems has always been something I enjoy.” Guisti expresses that getting people in the door can be tough in the Amherst area, but once they do come in, they see that Liberty Tax Service is professional inside — without people jumping around dancing. “I think they end up liking us,” says Guisti. “I just appreciate everyone who voted for us and saying what they like about our service.”

2nd Place

Western Mass Tax Associates

3rd Place

Dove Business Associates, Inc.