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Son Volt Performs For WFUV


Son Volt recently played a set for New York City public radio station WFUV. Jay Farrar‘s solo set under the Son Volt moniker took place just before the release of the group’s latest studio album, Union.

Farrar played three songs from Union at WFUV’s Studio A. Up first is “The 99,” which is followed by “The Reason” and “Devil May Care.” Union was tracked at two unique locations: the Mother Jones Museum in Mount Olive, Illinois and the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma in honor of Mother Jones and Woody Guthrie. Watch Jay Farrar/Son Volt’s performances for WFUV below:

The 99

The Reason

Devil May Care

Son Volt’s Jay Farrar appeared on the latest episode of The JamBase Podcast. Listen to Farrar tell “Tour Stories” below starting at the 38:30 mark: