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Twiddle Announces Free ‘Unplugged In Burlington’ Webcast


Vermont’s own Twiddle announced a free webcast of tomorrow night’s (Thursday, April 11) “Unplugged In Burlington” show live from Higher Ground. The live stream comes in partnership with Relix and will air on The Relix Channel starting at 9 p.m. ET.

Read a statement from Twiddle’s Mihali Savoulidis about Thursday’s show:

“‘Unplugged In Burlington’ on April 11th, marks the band’s 26th show at Higher Ground and I couldn’t be more excited for this show. Growing up, two of my favorite TV shows to watch were MTV unplugged and VH1 storytellers, this show finally gives me the chance to rearrange classic Twiddle songs to fit the acoustic vibe, while also being able to tell the stories behind the music. It’s going to be a Twiddle show like no other and one I’ve been wanting to do for many years.”

Viewers are asked to use a digital “Donation Button” as part of the live stream to support Twiddle’s White Light Foundation (WLF) non-profit organization. The WLF is currently focusing its efforts on assisting those fighting the opioid crisis.