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For The Birds Edition: Jealous Of The Birds, Quaker City Night Hawks, Seahawks & Maybird


Jealous Of The Birds: Wisdom Teeth

Look! Up in the sky, it’s… this week’s picks, great music from bands named for the birds (and hawks!). We’ll start off with Jealous Of The Birds, the musical name of Irish singer/songwriter Naomi Hamilton. Her newest EP is Wisdom Teeth, but let this be an introduction to the whole on-the-grow JotB catalog, a couple of EPs and a full-length, all full of great songwriting (with a good number of damn, this is good tracks), catchy-as-heck hooks, just enough rockin’-out to keep you coming back for more. Check it out!

Quaker City Night Hawks: QCNH

This next one came as a recommendation from a friend that I’m passing along to you, which is a reminder, that I’m always on the look-out for anything that’s not on my radar, so definitely feel free to reach out and hit me with what I’m missing. And this is one you won’t want to miss. The band is Quaker City Night Hawks and they play a killer, soulful rock ‘n’ roll that’s partly reflective of their Texas roots and part everything else. Their newest, simply titled QCNH has got bluesy southern rock and some groovy Stax-inspired soul and plenty of everything else. Like someone squeezed all of mid-1970s FM radio into a single band. Mostly, it’s great, gritty, turn-this-shit-up rock and roll anchored by some killer hip-shaker songs. I think you’ll dig.

Seahawks: Eyes of the Moon


Hopefully, you are now flying high with the birds, because now we’ll spin the old wheel to the exact opposite direction with a spaced-out electronic offering from British duo Seahawks. Their latest LP is Eyes Of The Moon and it’s an ambient delight mixing in delicious grooves with psychedelic ripples. This is the modern-day new age, a head-clearing meditation of synthesizer and digital dalliance. Pop on the headphones and zone out, it’s well worth the trip.


Maybird: Things I Remember From Earth

While Maybird is not necessarily a brand new band, the Rochester rockers appear to be ready to be discovered with their newly-hatched Things I Remember from Earth. The album was produced by Danger Mouse and properly captures the band’s propulsive energy and dense psych-roots-rock that feels like it could take flight at any moment. This record has that undeniable why haven’t I heard of these guys before!?! feel, fuzzed guitars, dreamlike lyrics, just enough funk and a let’s-listen-to-that-track-once-more je ne sais quoi. Highly recommended and a good one to land on.