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Joe Russo Releases New Album ‘phér•bŏney’


Drummer Joe Russo both announced and released a new solo album entitled phér•bŏney. The nine-track LP contains eight new originals as well as a cover of Antônio Carlos Jobim’s “Waters Of March.”

Russo wrote and performed most of the material found on phér•bŏney, which was recorded by Joe at Woodlot Recording in Brooklyn. Erik Lawrence, Robbie Mangano, Stuart Bogie, Jon Shaw and Josh Kaufman each contributed to the record. phér•bŏney sports a cover painting by Baptiste Ibar.

Listen to phér•bŏney below:

phér•bŏney Tracklist

  1. phér•bŏney love theme
  2. Can’t Wink
  3. Molly & Anni
  4. Perfectabilitarians
  5. The Waters Of March
  6. You’re So Delicate
  7. Wild
  8. Elf/Man
  9. The Wow! Signal