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The Flaming Lips Release ‘Pouring Beer In Your Ear’


As part of this year’s Record Store Day, The Flaming Lips released a limited-edition 7″ single. In collaboration with Dogfish Head Alehouse, the group recorded two songs inspired by the brewery’s Dragons & YumYums pale ale, then pressed the duo of songs on vinyl using real beer. Following up title track “The Story Of Yum Yum and Dragon,” now, the pioneering alt-rock act has digitally released the album’s B-side, “Pouring Beer In Your Ear (The Beer Song).”

The number was composed by frontman Wayne Coyne, with its lyrics indirectly inspired by the ingredients for the beer. The song mostly features a bouncing beat and minimalist rhythm on the acoustic guitar. However, the group adds gurgling psychedelic effects and echoing vocals at points, adding depths to the otherwise simple song.

Listen to the track below: