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This Classic Ferrari 250 GTO Was Transformed Into a Glorious Off-Road Beast


Estonian designer Rain Prisk has a knack for vehicle concepts that take the kinds of cars people usually keep in climate-controlled garages into muddy, grubby environments—and he makes them look even more awesome.

That’s just what he did with the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO, a.k.a. everyone’s dream car. It might look like heresy, but Prisk’s off-roading GTO is still a thing of beauty in its own right.

The GTO was the most costly car ever auctioned, but it’s kind of obvious as to why it’s so beloved. It’s a distillation of everything that makes Ferrari great: style, design, and construction. 

An actual Ferrari GTO 

And Prisk’s concept actually enhances this Ferrari through sheer badassery. He’s added seriously jacked new off-roading suspension, thick, nubby tires fit for damn near any conditions, and some sweet new fender flares. 

It’s appropriate that Prisk has just one word for the image on his portfolio page: “ruined.

The record-setting Ferrari 250 GTO during the Shell Ferrari Historical Challenge at the Coys Festival at Silverstone in Northamptonshire, England.

Thing is, Ferraris are far too pricey to ever try this for real. 

Anyone does better be brave enough to handle not only the off-roading experience but the rage of fine car lovers everywhere on seeing what’s been done to the beloved GTO.

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