Home Current News Mormon church opposes Utah LGBTQ ‘conversion therapy’ ban

Mormon church opposes Utah LGBTQ ‘conversion therapy’ ban


Mormon church opposes Utah LGBTQ A proposed ban on so-called conversion therapy in Utah is in danger of being derailed after the influential Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-day Saints came out Tuesday night in opposition, just months after it said it wouldn’t stand in the way of a similar measure under consideration. State regulators crafted the rule at the request of Republican Gov. Gary Herbert, a member of the church, who in June asked for a set of rules after a similar bill died in the Legislature despite the church not taking a position. The church’s statement strikes a blow to the hopes of LGBTQ advocates hoping Utah could join 18 states that have enacted laws banning or restricting the practice opposed by the American Psychological Association.

Source: yahoo.com/news