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Fox & Friends tries and fails to explain Trump’s war on Thanksgiving claim


Fox & Friends tries and fails to explain Trump's war on Thanksgiving claimFox & Friends isn’t having much luck shedding light on where President Trump’s strange new war on Thanksgiving claim is coming from.Trump at a rally on Tuesday night complained about unidentified people who supposedly want to “change the name Thanksgiving,” but he didn’t cite any specific examples. Some speculated he could have gotten the wrong impression from some recent Fox News coverage of a HuffPost article on the environmental impact of celebrating Thanksgiving, but that didn’t have anything to do with a name change.”I don’t think there’s a huge push to change the name of Thanksgiving, is there?” Brian Kilmeade, one of Fox & Friends’ hosts, asked.His co-host Steve Doocy could only come up with the example of a debunked rumor about former President Obama wanting to change the name. Then Doocy suggested Trump was talking about the carbon footprint stories.Still, this didn’t stop Fox & Friends from discussing the “issue that a lot of people have with potentially changing” the name of Thanksgiving, despite the fact these people don’t appear to actually exist. > Fox & Friends lends credence to Trump’s bizarre lie that people are trying to change the name of Thanksgiving: “I think the issue that a lot of people have with potentially changing that name is the fact that in that name we’re expressing gratitude.” pic.twitter.com/MXzmNdp39i> > — Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) November 27, 2019More stories from theweek.com Reddit users tear into anonymous Trump official in Ask Me Anything Will Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices rule in his favor on impeachment? History suggests not. Impeachment is failing. Time for Plan B.