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George Conway fires back at Kellyanne Conway’s Joe Biden insults


George Conway fires back at Kellyanne Conway's Joe Biden insultsThe Conways are at it again — but this time it was a little more personal. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway tweeted a video Monday of former Vice President Joe Biden telling a cringe-worthy story on the presidential campaign trail. Conway scoffed at the notion that the U.S. would need a foreign country’s help to defeat a presidential contender like Biden. > WATCH: > > Sleepy Joe is Creepy Joe. > > We need Ukraine’s help to defeat THIS guy? https://t.co/QsCwihXAB6> > — Kellyanne Conway (@KellyannePolls) December 2, 2019Conway, of course, is referring to the allegations that President Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating Biden’s activities in Ukraine in exchange for military aid, which is what led to the ongoing impeachment inquiry. But her husband, George Conway, quote-tweeted her, pointing out that Trump apparently thought Biden was threatening his re-election chances enough, turning his wife’s Biden insults into an opportunity to attack Trump.> Your boss apparently thought so. https://t.co/yje099pkPU> > — George Conway (@gtconway3d) December 2, 2019Yikes.It’s well-known that the Conways disagree about Trump, and George frequently criticizes the president with vigor. But the pair usually don’t directly involve one another when offering their opinions to the public. > Believe this is the first time George Conway has quote tweeted Kellyanne like this pic.twitter.com/Xhb38YQ73J> > — Yashar Ali (@yashar) December 2, 2019More stories from theweek.com Attorney General Barr is reportedly unhappy with a key finding of the DOJ’s upcoming FBI-Russia report The 1st and 2nd members of Congress to endorse Trump will plead guilty to federal crimes, resign Republicans are leading the country to socialism

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