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Perpetual Groove Announces RoadNation Campaign For Upcoming West Coast Tour


This May, Perpetual Groove will embark on their first West Coast tour since 2008. PGroove are taking an innovative approach to their return to the left coast after 12 years by offering fans a chance to help determine where they will play via a RoadNation Campaign.

Check out how the RoadNation Campaign works:

RoadNation empowers YOU to decide where your favorite creator goes on tour! Plus, supporting the creator’s campaign means you get to have one of the exciting packages they’ve made available for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select your city
  2. Support the campaign by purchasing a package. The amount of your purchase goes toward your city’s goal.
  3. Share the campaign with your friends to help your city reach the goal.
  4. When your city reaches its goal, it becomes a confirmed stop on the tour! Receive your package and see your favorite creator in your city.
  5. If your city reaches its goal, you will be charged at the end of the campaign. If your city does NOT reach its goal, then you will NOT be charged.

Watch keyboardist Matt McDonald discuss the campaign:

PGroove plans to start the tour in Seattle on May 1 and then head down the coast to San Diego. Where exactly they play on the West Coast, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona will be figured out through the campaign. Packages start at $50 for VIP merch not available anywhere else and go up to $7,500 to have the band perform unplugged at your house party. Additional tiers include $100 for a soundcheck pizza party with the band plus VIP merch; $250 for a request and shout out plus the pizza party and merch; $1,000 to perform with the quartet and $3,500 to have guitarist/frontman Brock Butler play a solo set at your house party.

Source: JamBase.com