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This Drink Coaster and Ashtray Combo Is Made For Cigar and Bourbon Lovers


Sipping whiskey while enjoying a fine cigar go together famously well, so it’s about time someone created a product that caters to both vices at once. 

Thankfully, we have the Kentucky Double, a patented drink coaster and cigar ashtray combo that’s hand-assembled using American made 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, FAS grade hardwood sourced from Kentucky sawmills, premium full-grain leather, and a Kerckhaert racing horseshoe. Each handsomely-built coaster/ashtray is about nine inches long, five inches wide, and weighs in at one and-a-half-pounds.

Pairing your favorite stogie with a glass of bourbon would seem most appropriate given the Louisville-based brand’s proud Kentucky provenance, but the coaster also holds a cup of coffee just as well, if you’re aiming to enjoy a booze-free daytime smoke.

The Kentucky Double comes with a lifetime warranty as well as a leather carrying case, should you want to take it on the road. 

It’s available in oak, walnut or cherry wood for $159, in addition to custom versions at thekentuckydouble.com.

Source: maxim.com