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Doom Flamingo & Nobide Present ‘Telepathy’ Remix


Denver-based electronic trio Nobide and Doom Flamingo unveiled a remix of the latter’s “Telepathy.” The original track came as a single Doom Flamingo — featuring Umphrey’s McGee bassist Ryan Stasik and fronted by vocalist Kanika Moore — released in 2018.

“The marriage of styles and ideas is seamless. Nobide nailed it, taking this song to another planet while keeping its essence intact,” Doom Flamingo saxophonist Mike Quinn said in a statement. “The increase in tempo certainly places it in a different part of your day, but that’s the exciting part, it now exists in two places in my mind.”

“My favorite part of the track has to be the vocal manipulation,” Nobide’s Nick Vann added. “Kanika is such a powerful singer and to be able to mess with her performance…too much fun. I tried not to alter it too much, but give it a more electronic and experimental twist.”

Stream the Nobide remix of Doom Flamingo’s “Telepathy” below:

Source: JamBase.com