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Best Used car dealer 2020 – Nicky D’s


Nicky D’s

Best Used car dealer

Best Used car dealer - Nicky D's

“You’re not in the car business unless you like cars,” says Nicky D’s co-owner Betty Duprey. She said she and her husband Nicky, who owns the business with her, always strive to make things different. When Nicky Duprey started his business, he was converting vans to have disco lights and crushed velvet in them. Betty Duprey says she and her husband are approachable and are owners that are always there. They live by the philosophy to treat others the way you would want to be treated. “If everybody did that, we’d have very few issues ,” she says. She is excited by electric car technology and looks forward to having more electric vehicles once the infrastructure of plugs is more widespread in America.


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