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The Indeos Grenadier Is A New Off-Roader With Classic Land Rover Looks


The new Land Rover Defender is a fantastic luxury SUV with ample off-road capability. But for those who prefer the old-school Defender’s looks and more serious 4×4 pedigree, a British billionaire is funding and producing the Ineos Grenadier. 

Road and Track reports that Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of multinational chemical company Ineos, hired a group of auto industry experts to design a no-frills terrain-tackling vehicle with a focus on utility, rather than luxury. 

Billed as a “rugged, capable and comfortable go-anywhere working vehicle,” the Grenadier is built on its own platform with a ladder chassis. Not many details were released alongside the renders, but a mechanical transfer box and center-locking diff with permanent four-wheel drive are in the cards. 

A BMW-sourced straight-six, mated to a heavy-duty ZF transmission capable will work in conjunction to haul up to 2,200 pounds and tow up to 6,600 pounds, according to R&T. 

Interior details are even leaner, but there will be comfortable seats suited to long adventures and some sort of display screens. Full water resistance will allow owners to hose down the cockpit after messy excursions.

The Grenadier is also well past its concept phase. A “very challenging” test program is about to be initiated that’ll push prototypes’ combined mileage in different conditions past 1.1 million miles over the next year. 

Pricing info is forthcoming, but expect the Ineos Grenadier to cost about as much as an American pickup.