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Billy Strings Closes Meet Me At The Drive-In Tour In Illinois & Announces Red Rocks Livestream Concert


Billy Strings wrapped up his Meet Me At The Drive-In Tour on Saturday at the Exposition Gardens in Peoria, Illinois. The guitarist also announced a livestream concert from Red Rocks on September 26 via nugs.tv.

SURPRISE! 💥 We’re heading to Colorado next Saturday to perform LIVE from Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, Sept 26th. Get…

Posted by Billy Strings on Saturday, September 19, 2020

Billy and the band kicked things off in Peoria with a bluegrass standard, The Stanley Brothers’ “Sharecropper’s Son” followed by an original tune, “On The Line,” the opening track from his 2017 debut album, Turmoil & Tinfoil, the latter of which saw a frenetic banjo solo from Billy Failing. Strings then delivered a pair of covers with the late great Jeff Austin’s “Run Down” — with Austin’s brother in mandolin Jarrod Walker serving up a tasty solo — and the bluegrass standard “This Heart Of Mine,” which led into the original “Dealing Despair.” The Billy instrumental “Thirst Mutilator” came next followed by more covers in Pearl Jam’s “In Hiding” — which saw Billy cranking the distortion and belting out the chorus — followed by the traditional “The Train That Carried My Girl From Town” played by Doc Watson and others as well as another trad, the instrumental “Black Mountain Rag.” A well-jammed “Home,” the title track from Strings’ 2019 album, came ahead of a trio of covers to close out the set including Bill Monroe’s “On And On,” the Tony Rice instrumental “Tipper” and the Jackson Browne classic “Running On Empty,” which once again saw Billy reeling of a scorchin’ solo, to bring the first frame to a close.

The second set got underway with the classic “Dust In A Baggie” which headed into the stellar Peter Rowan song, “Midnight Moonlight.” Perhaps being back on the road had Billy in a locomotive mood as he capped off a trifecta of “Run” related songs with “Running.” Another mini-theme followed with Marty Stuart’s “Old Mexico” and the Grateful Dead-popularized “Me & My Uncle,” which references Mexico as well. Billy kept the bluegrass nods up with Del McCoury’s “Beauty Of My Dreams” before turning to more contemporary music with Post Malone’s “Circles.” The end of the second set saw the band stretching out a bit beginning with a 15-minute “All Fall Down,” a favorite John Hartford jam vehicle. While he’s been known to phase it out, Billy turned to some auto-wah which bubbled over Royal Masat’s bounding bassline. The Stanley Brothers’ “Katy Daley” came next ahead of the second set closer “Meet Me At The Creek.” While it wasn’t the 20-minute monster from Mohegan, the band certainly took the song out with a careening crescendo to cap it off led by the Billys, first Failing and then Strings cranking up the distortion again to put an exclamation point on the tour.

Listen to the entire Meet Me At The Drive-In Tour closer below via Michael Frasca:


Billy Strings at Exposition Gardens

Set 1
  • Sharecropper’s Son  On the Line
  • Run Down  
  • This Heart of Mine  Dealing Despair
  • Thirst Mutilator
  • In Hiding  
  • The Train That Carried My Girl From Town  Black Mountain Rag  
  • Home
  • On and On  
  • Tipper  
  • Running on Empty  
Set 2
  • Dust in a Baggie  Midnite Moonlite  
  • Running
  • Old Mexico  
  • Me and My Uncle  
  • Beauty of My Dreams  
  • Circles  
  • All Fall Down  
  • Katy Daley  
  • Meet Me at the Creek

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