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Global Citizen & HeadCount Launch ‘Just Vote’ Campaign


Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and more are aboard for Global Citizen and HeadCount’s Just Vote campaign. Just Vote’s goal is to encourage young Americans to participate in the voting process.

That includes engaging “young Americans to check their status, register, and vote in November and elections beyond,” as per a statement. The campaign’s goal is to reach 1 million young voters and register 50,000 young people ahead of the November election. In this endeavor, Just Vote is offering exclusive experiences, performances and memorabilia contributed by artists. Fans checking their registration status is the only way to unlock these offers.

Other artists involved in the campaign include Billy Porter, DJ Khaled, FINNEAS, Julianne Hough, Loren Gray, Nicky Jam, Quavo, Usher and more. Some of the unique experiences offered include “a virtual dance lesson with Usher and his choreographer, a never-before-seen performance from Nicky Jam, a happy hour meet and greet with Quavo, or a virtual get together with DJ Khaled.”

“We are proud to launch the Just Vote campaign to encourage more young people to check their status and register to vote,” said co-founder and CEO of Global Citizen Hugh Evans. “For years, we have been activating global citizens to be part of the solution to key issues like extreme poverty, climate change, and now pandemic relief. Voting is a vital way to exercise that power. We are excited about Just Vote’s potential to drive young voter turnout in November and beyond.”

“With only a few months until the election, this is a pivotal moment to be launching Just Vote,” executive director of HeadCount Andy Bernstein added. “The challenges of COVID-19 demand that we innovate the ways in which we engage potential voters. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Global Citizen, these brilliant artists and companies to excite voters, and encourage participation in our democracy.”

Head here to get involved with Just Vote.

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