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Watch Actor Jason Momoa Play Primus On Les Claypool’s Bass [Photos/Video]


[UPDATE 9/11/20]: Actor Jason Momoa provided some wholesome content back in March when he showed off a new toy from Les Claypool—the Primus mastermind’s signature Pachyderm bass. Now, it seems the two lovable characters are keeping up their friendship. On Friday, Claypool shared a few photos from a recent afternoon the two spent doing some hanging, some fishing and, of course, some jamming at Les’s place. Check out the photos below:

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[Images: (right and left) via Jason Momoa Instagram; (center) via Pachyderm Basses]

[March 9, 2020]: Fans may know Hawaii-native actor Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, or maybe as the titular character from the 2018 blockbuster, Aquaman. They may even know him from the many memorable memes he’s spawned since then, or perhaps the recent Super Bowl commercial in which he sheds his famously muscular physique to reveal a frail, skinny dude underneath. Now, however, fans can add another line to Momoa’s loveable resume—as a Les Claypool bass-owning Primus superfan.

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Late last week, Momoa posted a video to his Instagram page of him slapping some bass lines to songs by Primus and more on a very familiar-looking instrument: The Pachyderm bass designed by Claypool himself. According to the caption of the video, Momoa couldn’t be more excited about it.

As the actor notes in the caption for the video,


just got home from an epic day and received this from my absolute favorite bass player LES CLAYPOOL his personal bass. i’m so thankful and [expletive] stoked 1 because we are friends and i love your ohana and 2 i grew up to primus and RHCP. i love the bass and i’m so honoured to be able to play yours. pachyderm bass designed by les @claypoolcellars @primusville you can’t even dream this day. all my aloha. cheeeeeehuuuuuuuuu. j

The video itself doubles down on the actor’s excitement. After inviting the viewers to “check this out,” Jason Momoa proceeds to pick up the Pachyderm and lay into the bassline for Primus favorite, “My Name Is Mud”—and he’s not half bad. He continues on playing with snippets of Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ “Higher Ground” and more.

After taking a few moments to test out some of his favorite bass lines on camera, the clearly excited Momoa proceeds to show off his beautiful new instrument. “Look what just happened… oh my god,” Jason gushes. “Look at this thing! Ahhhh… Les Claypool. One of my favorite bands of all time, Primus. On… his bass. Ooohh! I’m so thankful. Les, I love you.” He finally closes out the clip with one last run through the “My Name Is Mud” riff before letting out a giddy battle cry: “My name is Momoa!”

Watch the full clip below:


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