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Adam Deitch Highlights Police Brutality, Social Justice In “The Time Is Now” Music Video [Watch]


Drummer and producer Adam Deitch (Lettuce/Break Science) has released a new solo single via Golden Wolf Records, titled “The Time Is Now”, along with an accompanying music video. “The Time Is Now” marks Deitch’s first release since August 2020’s Age Of Imperfection EP.

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The three-minute instrumental is a slow-building tune rife with reverberating keys, a measured yet driving drum beat, and tension-building, lyric-less vocals. Taken at face value, it’s a song with an incredibly infectious groove and well-timed apex that keeps the listener engaged and moving for the entire duration.

When combined with the video, however, “The Time Is Now” embodies a completely different message, one that could not be conveyed with sound alone.

“This song was created to express the deep sorrow I felt during the aftermath of George Floyd‘s murder, as well as the hope I felt as the worldwide protests began to happen,” Deitch wrote in the music video release on Facebook.

Deitch continued in his statement, “Police brutality needs to be confronted and focused on and now is the time to make our voice heard. Cameron Walker is responsible for this beautifully shot footage he got in Denver during a very powerful and inspiring time in history. He edited this Powerful footage to my song to complete a visual/audio experience/statement.”

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The footage Deitch speaks of is truly compelling and helps to add context to the tension exemplified in the music. Images of militarized police, complete with tear gas, firearms, and riot gear, flash across the screen throughout. These clips are juxtaposed with video of protesters armed with nothing but signs and determination, fighting for justice regarding police brutality, a broken criminal justice system, and the inequality Black Americans face throughout society.

“The quest for equality for all is just beginning,” on-screen text reads at the end of the video. “We must do everything we can to make this country work for ALL Americans, continue to support black communities and push for police reform. Peace & power to those actively fighting for the process of change.”

Watch the powerful and insightful music video below.

Adam Deitch – “The Time Is Now” – [Official Music Video]

[Video: Adam Deitch]

Deitch has several shows scheduled with Lettuce in 2021, including a performance at Sweetwater 420 Festival at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA on April 23rd, as well as a spot at Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL on May 28th. Head to Lettuce’s website for tickets and more information.

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