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Cory Wong Releases Animated Video For “Synchronicity” Ft. Phoebe Katis [Watch]


Cory Wong has continued his marathon of a year with the release of a brand new animated music video for “Synchronicity”, which initially appeared on his guest-filled, October 2020 record, The Striped AlbumThe Striped Album marked his eighth release of the year, following The Syncopate & Motivate Tour live record released this month.

This self-produced track features Phoebe Katis on vocals, as well as Steve Goold [percussion], Steve Strand [trumpet], Kenni Holmen [sax], Michael Nelson [trombone], and Wong on guitar, bass, keys, backing vocals, drums, and programming. A thick, funky bass line and powerful drums dominate “Synchronicity”, while Katis’ vocals help in developing the infectious disco vibes that make this a standout track on the album.

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The Jessica Kion-produced video matches the song’s vibe perfectly as well. Playing on the disco vibes, Kion’s animations depict both Wong and Katis incarnations flying through technicolor space. Of course, Wong is often pictured donning his Fender Stratocaster, while the horn section makes appearances in between animations of spiders, gorillas, and other assorted randomness.

Feel the synchronicity with Wong’s latest music video, below. Furthermore, click here for a variety of streaming and purchasing options for The Striped Album.

Cory Wong w/Phoebe Katis – “Synchronicity”

[Video: Cory Wong]

Compounding upon Wong’s busy year, the musician recently launched his own podcast, Wong Notes, with Premier Guitar. In celebration of this latest album, Wong will release a three-episode series detailing the creative and technical process behind the album. Click here for listening options as those episodes become available. Additionally, visit his YouTube page for weekly vlogs.

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