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Lettuce Unveils ‘Resonate Remixed’ Remix EP


Lettuce released a remix EP of their 2020 album Resonate dubbed Resonate Remixed. The record features reimaginings from Cloudchord, TYCOON, Mckenzie, Birocratic, jackLNDN and Flamingosis.

Lettuce’s renowned ability to seamlessly blend genres makes their music ideal for the remix treatment. Drummer Adam Deitch spoke about the project in a statement:

We reached out to some of our favorite producers to remix our album Resonate. Each producer lent their unique style and musicality to make this project pop off! We are very excited for y’all to hear it!

Stream Resonate Remixed below:


Resonate Remixed Tracklist:

  1. Silence is Golden (Cloudchord Remix)
  2. Moksha (TYCOON ft. Mckenzie Remix)
  3. Resonate (Birocratic Remix)
  4. House of Lett (jackLNDN Remix)
  5. Remember the Children (Flamingosis Remix)
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