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Umphrey’s McGee’s Jake Cinninger & Brendan Bayliss Perform Acoustic ‘Stuck In Park’ Show


Umphrey’s McGee guitarists Jake Cinninger and Brendan Bayliss conducted their “Stuck In Park” socially distanced acoustic concert on Friday from Boomers Stadium in Schaumburg, Illinois. The duo delivered a healthy mix of choice covers and UM tunes.

Brendan and Jake — who indicated via social media that they shall “Henceforth be known as Shitty Limo” — kicked off the show with Cinninger singing the Bob Seger classic “Night Moves,” which saw Jake changing up the “Summertime” lyric to “Christmastime” and “Fall Time” as the duo sat bundled in a living room stage setting. Cinninger and Bayliss then got into some Umphrey’s material with Brendan leading the way on the relatively new song “Suxcity” which led into the classic “Hajiemashite” followed by more vintage UM/Ali Baba’s Tahini with the instrumental “Space Funk Booty,” which shows off both guitarists’ prowess as well as the chemistry that comes from playing together for 20 plus years. Next up, BB belted out Toto’s “Africa” before getting back to more UM with Jake leading the way on “Women Wine & Song” before Bayliss took over on “In The Kitchen.”

The duo then played their first Pink Floyd cover of the night, “Time,” followed by Cinninger on the mic for the country-tinged “Bad Poker,” which features the unlikely but somehow appropriate juxtaposition of fancy finger-picking and Tibetan throat singing and saw Cinninger cranking some distortion for the closing solo. Brendan and Jake kept up the country vibe with the Waylon Jennings classic “Luckenbach, Texas.” Cinninger picked up the bass for Umphrey’s “August,” which encompassed The Beatles deep track, “Baby You’re A Rich Man.” The Gerry Rafferty classic “Baker Street” followed ahead of a string of UM tunes beginning with a section of “Remind Me” into “No Comment,” the latter of which saw Jake back on the bass. Brendan then picked up the four-string for “Booth Love,” which also saw Umphrey’s McGee crew member Steve “Britches” Britz on percussion. Britz would stay on percussion for “Attachments” before his fellow UM crew member Sam Sutton came out to sing the stellar Tyler Childers song, “Whitehouse Road,” to bring the set to a close.

Jake and Brendan would reemerge for the encore with BB’s neighbor T-Bird in tow. T-Bird reprised his role on the broom from Brendan’s Wine Not? livestream sets on the blues standard “You Gotta Move,” recorded by Reverend Gary Davis and The Rolling Stones among others. T-Bird would pick up his harmonica for Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” before the duo closed out the evening alone with the killer Tenacious D classic, “Kielbasa Sausage.”

Check out audience-shot clips from the show below via Michael Brooks:

Night Moves

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Space Funk Booty


Bad Poker

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Setlist (via UM Twitter)

Set One: Night Moves, Suxity -> Hajiemashite, Space Funk Booty, Africa, Women Wine & Song, In The Kitchen, Time, Bad Poker, Luckenbach, Texas, August [1] > Baby You’re A Rich Man > August, Baker Street, Remind Me > No Comment [1], Booth Love [2], Attachments [3], Whitehouse Road [4]

Encore: You Gotta Move [5], Wish You Were Here [6], Kielbasa Sausage


  • [1] with Jake on bass
  • [2] with Steve “Britches” Britz on percussion and Brendan on bass
  • [3] with Steve “Britches” Britz on percussion
  • [4] with Sam Sutton on vocals and Steve “Britches” Britz on percussion
  • [5] with T-Bird on broom
  • [6] with T-Bird on harmonica

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