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Fleet Foxes Revisit ‘Shore’ Recording Sessions In “Sunblind” Music Video [Watch]


Fleet Foxes welcome fans inside the recording studio and beyond in their new video for “Sunblind”, which was shared on Thursday.

The video for the song which appeared on the indie-folk band’s surprise Shore album sees singer/guitarist Robin Pecknold and company revisit their two-year creative journey behind the 15-song project with footage captured from inside recording studios in Paris, Los Angeles, and Hudson Valley, NY. The video gives fans a fly-on-the-wall perspective for the Shore sessions with help from production engineer Beatriz Bartola who makes a few cameos, while also treating viewers to a mix of tranquil footage of the outdoors as shot on 16mm film also sprinkled in throughout.

“It really is this big centerpiece and is the anchor that all the other songs are tied to,” Pecknold said of the song in a press statement. “I wanted to make a song that celebrated my heroes in an explicit way — people who have passed and who I want to honor in the music. That was a big focus of mine, helping them stay alive through these memories. Music is this weird invisible form of immortality for these people, and I wanted to do it in a joyous way and reframe some of the sorrow of loss into a kind of celebration.”

Watch the new video for “Sunblind” below.

Fleet Foxes – “Sunblind” 

[Video: Fleet Foxes]

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