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This Custom Porsche Is a Modern Take on the Ultra-Rare 911 Speedster


Because the 993 Series marked the last production Porsche 911s powered by the marque’s historic air-cooled boxer flat-six, they are extremely collectible. Top-tier factory-equipped models like this turbocharged 1996 911 GT2 sell in the high six figures at auction, while others like the roofless 911 Speedster are virtually impossible to find. 

Enter Huntington Beach’s Gunther Werks. The 911 restomod masters announced that they’re making 25 993-gen 911 Speedsters, effectively expanding the legacy of a car that was limited to just a single pair. 

Gunther Werks isn’t so much recreating the 911 Speedster as remastering it. To make up for the lack of rigidity created by a removable roof design, the chassis has been stiffened and the top and tonneu cover are reinforced with carbon fiber. 

Additional upgrades include a lower rake glass windscreen that can be deleted entirely, updated front fascia with an integrated carbon front spoiler, and a new lightweight single-skin hood. 

The rear of the Speedster features a revised duck tail with a ram air scoop and all-new 3D-printed Inconel exhaust tips. Billet-carved aluminum side view mirrors, streamlined lightweight door handles and updated front LED reflector system round out the exterior details.

Inside are more modern improvements. A new carbon fiber dash, floor panel and hollow, drag-reducing seat shell bring a touch of the 21st century to the 90s-era ride. Gunther Werks also teased a redesigned pedal assembly but didn’t provide imagery—more billet-carved aluminum would makes sense. 

As for technical specs, Autoblog reports that the restomodded Speedsters will run Rothsport Racing’s 435-horsepower 4.0-liter flat six, a six-speed manual transmission, and a JRZ dynamic suspension system. 

Prices haven’t been announced, but expect something along the lines of the $600,000 Gunther Werks charged for the 993-Series 911 400R

Source: maxim.com