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Genesis Turns Heads With Electric Performance GT


Auto electrification has come a long way since the days of the first hybrids, when eyesores like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight ruled the market. Genesis’ gorgeous new all-electric Concept X is just the latest example of how things have improved in the EV industry’s looks department.  

Hyundai’s luxury marque knows the concept is a stunner, too, as it partnered with Emmy Award-winning director Jason Bergh to shoot movie trailer-style teaser loaded with beauty shots. 

The eye is drawn naturally to the shield-shaped crest grille cut in a so-called “G-Matrix” pattern that’s painted uniformly inside and out. Flanking the grille are pairs of stacked linear headlights that cut through the wheel arches and continue to the edge of the doors. 

The front fender and clamshell hood are one singular panel. This congruity is continued down the sides, where there are slide-to-open doors with no parting lines. The rear features the same linear lights as the front—Genesis calls this the “Two Lines” theme.  

The entire car is dressed in a Lençóis Blue, inspired by the lagoons of Maranhenses National Park in Brazil. Adding a sporty touch to the Concept X’s luxurious form are two-layered, turbine-type alloy wheels and lime-green brake calipers. 

As opposed to other concepts, the Concept X’s interior actually looks familiar. Bucket seats are clad in a weave-pattern fabric made of recycled leather, and the Free-Form display is identifiable as a center console. 

Don’t be surprised if the Genesis Concept X makes it to market—the GV80 also started out as a concept rendering, and now it’s one of the fastest selling cars of 2021

Source: maxim.com